The team

Dave Henry - Project leader

Graham Donald - Remote Sensing and GIS, PGR model 

Asoka Edirisinghe - Remote Sensing and GIS, FOO model, pasture quality model

Gonzalo Mata - Farming systems, web development, newsletter

Anton Coppens - Business development

Marion Barnes - Pasture analysis

Elizabeth Hulm - Pasture analysis


Steve Gherardi - Project leader

Chris Oldham - Lifetime wool production

Rodger Bryant - Groups coordinator

Tony Leeming - Web Development

Stewart Gittins - Groundtruthing field team

Murray Ellis - Groundtruthing field team

Tom Plaisted - Groundtruthing field team

Kazui Tanaka - Groundtruthing field team


Sarfraz Khorkhar - Data processing FOO

Norm Santich - Data processing PGR and software development

Adrian Allen - Web development

Mike Steber - software development

Jackie Marsden - MODIS data processing



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