How to navigate the new Pastures from Space website

The key to the new website is the ability to navigate through the image to view PGR information at near paddock level.  To help you find the right location you can follow major roads, water bodies or shire boundaries (see below) as you zoom into the map.

1 Default view

This is the first window you see after registering for the first time or clicking on the "Returning User" button.  

Figure 1

To effectively navigate through the site there are some components you need to understand.


2  Navigation buttons

Figure 2

a. Reset button takes you to the defauls view showing the southwest of WA with the latest image available

b. Zoom In button.  Click on this and then click on your area of interest in the map to zoom in.  Alternatively click and while holding the left button drag the mouse to define the zoom area.

c. Zoom out button.  click on this and click on the map to zoom out.

d. Pan button. With this button clicked on, any point in the map you click moves to the centre of the screen.

e. Query button.  allows you to interrogate any of the active map layers (see below).  Note: this will not provide PGR pixel values.

f. Print button.  Formatted to print the map with additional information


3 Link buttons

Figure 3

a. The top row allows you to move between WA data (250m pixel, validated) and Eastern States data (1000m pixel, unvalidated).

b. Refresh Map is to be used when any setting changes are made eg. requesting to view PGR images from a different date or activating and de-activating map layers

c. Shire PGR's for date shown. Provides the latest mean PGR's in table form

Figure 4

d. Chart Shire PGR's for 2003

Provides this seasons 'weekly PGR values' for each shire in chart format.

Figure 5

e. List Current Season PGR Images 

Click on this button to view all available dates for the current season.  To change from one date to another click on the box to the left column and make sure you unclick the previous date.  All data in this list is derived from MODIS at 250m pixel resolution.

Note: the system defaults to the latest date available and if two dates are clicked on, the latest will be displayed.

f. Historical PGR Images 

Click here to view PGR images from previous seasons.  All historical images were derived from NOAA data at 1000m pixel resolution



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